Code of Conduct


Maven Recruitment Services Pvt. Ltd. is devoted to provide fair and transparent recruitment opportunity,identifying human potential and placing the right candidate for the right job always. Our focal point is to provide ethical (lawfully, voluntarily, transparent, non discrimination, zero cost and with human treatment) recruitment service with the high performance by efficient managementwith on-time action, in doing so we make sure for the adaptation of the contemporary changes with creative ideas based on an international recruitment standard, comply COC of RBA and other like minded organizations which add values to the customers, job seekers and all stake holders.

Believing in smart work in a team with continual improvements sustain the business. Quality performance builds trust among stake holders and trust harmonizes everyone for betterment. Maven Recruitment Services Pvt. Ltd. is committed for betterment of all including not only stake holders such as employees, job seekers and customers but also to the society and nation at large.

Maven Recruitment Services Pvt. Ltd. has proudly committed to share its profit margin to Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) activities at least by 10% and also 10 % for Employees training and refreshment program annually.