Zero Cost

In this Policy, the employer can hire the candidates by paying the service charge to our organization. All the recruitment free like Medical fee, Visa fee, Id fee, many fee and service paid by the employer company.

What are the recruitment fees?

Workers who want to go abroad for work most of the workers paid the recruitment fee to the overseas recruitment agency. The recruitment fee is the cost incurred in the recruitment process for employment. The cost such as ticket fees. visa fees, medical fees and other fees. These fees sometimes set up a loan or debt with a high interest rate for the job seeker.

We focus on zero cost recruitment process. We do not charge any amount of money from the worker and employee on the recruitment process. We have the best Practice on Zero Cost Model.

  • Recruitment fees are unjust.
  • Recruitment fees often lead to a cycle of debt.
  • Recruitment fees render migrant workers vulnerable to abuses and exploitation.
  • International labor standards prohibit the charging of recruitment fees on workers.
  • Ethical Recruitment Practice.
  • Zero Cost Recruitment Policy.
  • Fair and Responsible Recruitment Standard.
  • Protecting the vulnerable migration workers.

What Do We Do For Zero Cost Recruitment?

Ensure that employers pay the full costs of recruiting migrant workers.

We have the best practice on a clear and transparent recruitment policy that prohibits the charging of recruitment fees from the worker

  • We collect all the top talent jobseeker on social media, websites, and Digital ways.
  • We have a direct touch with candidates and we make sure no worker paid the recruitment fee.
  • We ensure that no worker is required to pay a deposit or service charge nor have to pay any fee to anyone through planning, implementation.
  • We Inform applicants through job advertisements and the selection process that they should not bear any costs of recruitment and placement.
  • We ensure that the recruitment of workers is included in RBA auditing and due diligence processes Provide confidential processes to migrant workers for reporting exploitation.